InstaCake offers desserts for every taste and occasion. Brimming with a unique, creative flair and delicious flavour, you can source all the goodies you need to delight your family, friends, and party guests at every bash you throw and with every gift you give.

We’re known for our smile-inducing sweets that will make anyone’s day. When you’re stuck on what to send your dear friend for their birthday or what to surprise your other half with, we’re guaranteed to have something that will scream “them” and be totally insta-worthy!

Peruse our selections of tasty treats that double as gorgeous works of art! We offer specialty cakes, assorted lolly boxes, a themed chocolate gift box or two, mouth-watering cupcakes, kid-friendly goodies, vegan and gluten-free options, and gifts for all your favourite people.

When you make your selection from our menu, crafted by award-winning pastry artisans, we’ll wrap up your present in a neat little package and send it off with love. Get ready to earn a reputation as the best gift-giver ever! We promise not to take any of the credit. You can even send your gift with a personalised video message. 

Need gift guidance? We’ll help you pick out the good stuff – after all, we’re pros! Contact us today or give us a call if you’d rather chat desserts over the phone. It’s our favourite topic!

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