Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver to most suburbs of Sydney Metro and also some suburbs around Wollongong. Over 500 suburbs. Click here to check if we deliver to your postcode.

How much is the delivery fee?

Delivery fee is $9.95 to Sydney Suburbs or $20 to Wollongong Suburbs

What time will my delivery arrive?

Delivery happens in the Afternoons. Between 1230-530pm, unless is a crazy day such as Valentines or Christmas where delivery can happen from 11am till 7pm.

Why do you ask for a Mobile Number on the Shipping information?

There is no need to worry! We know you might be sending this AWESOME product as a surprise gift. We just send a little text around 12pm on the delivery date to the recipient to let them know something is coming, there is no information as from who or what exactly is coming shared. We just need to make sure someone will be able to received the product as if not we will need to bring it back to our factory and a redelivery fee will need to be paid (If applicable, see T&Cs here


What sizes are your Cakes? 

The size provided in each product description stand for the diameter of each cake size. Our Gifting (4") and 6" Cakes are around 5" Tall plus the decorations (if any) making our cakes the tallest in the competition. Our 6"and 8" DH (Double Height) are around 9" Tall plus the decorations (if any). All our cakes are hand made and slightly difference might occur every now and then. If you have any further questions regarding sizing, please do not hesitate in contacting us

Can I track my order?

That is a YES! You will receive a tracking link via the email and mobile phone provided once our amazing drivers have picked up your order (Normally this happens around 12-1230pm give or take). If it doesn't come through and its 1pm, be sure to check your junk email as it sometimes it likes to hide itself in there, or simply give us a call and we will more than HAPPY to help you.

Can I request a specific delivery time?

Unfortunately not! We can not guarantee a specific time as our daily deliveries are mapped out to ensure the best route and efficiency. But we will SMS you a tracking link via email on the day of your delivery, which will keep you in the loop.

Can I leave instructions for the drivers when delivering?

Absolutely, you can add notes to the driver once you get the tracking link on the delivery date you can give our drivers specific instructions, however, you can not request a change of address to our drivers. 

Are your products Halal?

We are not Halal certified, however, all our products are Hallal friendly as they are not made with any alcohol or animal fats. Although there is not alcohol in the cake, you will notice that some of our cakes include some sealed alcohol on top as decorations.

Why is my video not uploading?

We got this covered! Unfortunately most home internets are not the best, so simply use your mobile phone to upload the video and make sure you are out of the wifi! Whoop!

What happens if the recipient is not home?

Look - we do what we can. If it is a workplace, our driver will try to get access to the building. If it is a home, he or she will contact the number given when the order was made. If no-one is home and it is safe to do so, your order will be left at the door and you will be notify. Remember you will get a tracking link, which give you time to plan the delivery whether someone will be home by then or if you want the driver to leave the order with your neighbour.

NOW, if the order was for a building and no one answered the intercom or the phone after few attempts, we will offer you a redelivery the following day (Not Sunday) to the same or different address (Re Delivery fee of $25 apply) (Only applicable for our Dessert/Lolli Boxes, Our cakes or cupcakes will be a lost order, please check here our T&Cs)

What happens if I f*ck up the delivery address?

Unfortunately, we can not accept responsibility even though we all know we are human and it was an honest mistake. Your order will be returned to InstaCake Headquarters and a re-delivery fee of $25 will apply (Only applicable for our Dessert/Lolli Boxes, Our cakes or cupcakes will be a lost order, please check here our T&Cs)

Do you deliver to schools, hospitals, restaurants?

Absolutely. Where there is a reception, we will leave the InstaCake with someone who looks (relatively) trustworthy to pass it on to the final recipient.

However, we do not recommend sending orders to locations that are unavailable to accept deliveries till 5:00pm. As we can not guarantee a specific delivery time.

Do you make your cakes in Bigger Sizes?

YES!! Whoop whoop! We can create most of our designs in bigger sizes either a 6"DH (To feed 20-25 people) or a 8"DH (To feed 35-40 people) *DH stands for Double high. So if you are interested in getting one of our cakes for your big party please make sure to email amber@instacake.com.au and she will be able to help you with the processing order.

Do you customize your cakes?

Unfortunately we can not help there due to the large amount of orders we delivery per day. We do have a custom image cake available which you can customised by uploading any photo you want which then will be printed in edible paper. You can add any image such as a picture of the person you are sending the cake, a picture of a dog, a cartoons a logo, graphics, the possibilities are endless.

However, if a custom cake is really what you are after and you have been told our cakes are delicious! Well we got your back as well... email amber@instacake.com.au with some ideas you have got for your customised cakes and how many people are you looking to feed and she will help you out with your custom enquiry. 

Do you customize your boxes?

Again, that is a no. However, we could do large amount of CUSTOM orders for corporate events or gifts. 

Do you include a receipt?

Goodness, no! Because it is a gift, we do not include an invoice or any indication of the price.

Can I make changes to my order after I have placed it?

That all depends on how organised you are! For same day delivery, unfortunately not. However we will always bend over backwards to help, provided that you:

- Provide us with a minimum of 48 hours' notice before the delivery date for any requests, and

- Send an email to yum@instacake.com.au (not a message via social media or phone) outlining your possible changes.

Can I cancel my order?

You certainly can. However, the same process applies. Orders must be cancelled with a minimum of 48 hours notice of the delivery date, and the cancellation must be sent via email only - not via our socials or phone. Please also make sure to read the T&Cs you agreed on the checkout process to know what to expect. 


How to store my cake?

So here is THE most important thing with our cakes - DO NOT REFRIGERATE

Your cake will be perfectly fine for hours before consuming (if it lasts that long, that is). This is just a suggestion, being in the cake business for this long, we know how to eat cake! 

The only exception is this; if your cake is for the day after, please refrigerate overnight and then definitely take it out of the fridge at least four hours before consumption. If you are refrigerating overnight, then for the love of all things cakes, please keep it in the box. If not, the gorgeous scent of last night butter chicken (or anything else spunkily spicy) will imprint itself - and there is nothing worse than a slice of cake with a hint of onion. Bleeeuuuggghh!

How to store my box?

Cookies and brownies are best kept in an air-sealed container at room temperature.

Technically they will last for a good week, but whether you achieve this in practice if a whole other story! You can also freeze them for up to three months.

But always remember to reheat both the brownies and cookies for around 30 seconds in the microwave for a better experience.

Do your cakes/boxes contain nuts (traces)?

They absolutely do. Most - if not all - of our boxed products contain traces of nuts. If you're ordering for someone with allergens, talk to the team and we'll point you in the right direction, or check our Lolly Boxes where all the products in this boxes are sealed from supplier.

Do you do Bulk orders?

Absolutely - if you wish to order 10 or more orders at once, let us know. We're a popular solution for many a corporate and business bash!

Do you do Returns?

Our products are perishable, and we cannot provide a refund unless they're proven to be faulty or damaged. If this is the case, please email us outlining the details and attaching photographs. In the very unusual circumstance of simply "not liking" the cake (we're making this up on the fly as this has NEVER happened!), this doesn't mean the cake is faulty.