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No, we're not kidding - this is one of the coolest kid's gifts ever

To be perfectly honest with you - KiddyMe? is the perfect gift box for adults and children alike! Jam-packed with an abundance of uber-cool sweets, it includes:

  • 1 Hubba Bubba
  • 1 Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Beans
  • 1 Harry Potter Butter Beer Experience
  • 1 Push Pop
  • 1 Mentos
  • 1 Nerds 
  • 1 Pop Rocks Popping Candy 
  • 1 Trolli Gummies 
  • 1 Skittles
  • 2 Chocolate Coins
  • Snakes and Marshmallows to finish.

(If you're buying for a chocolate fiend, don't forget to also check out the LittleMix gift box for a great combo of both sweets and chocolate!)

Sydney wide delivery, select your date at the Checkout. 

Same day delivery available if your order gets in before 1030am.

Make sure to add a cool card with a message or a VidCard (Video Message displayed in a QR Code) 

InstaCake reserves the right to substitute items when products may not be available but all substituted items will be of similar value and quality.

Here are some FAQ's in regards to delivery

It is 12pm and I have not received your tracking link yet, what to do?

First remember to check your junk and spam folders on your email… Still nothing? Just give us a call to (02)96744324 or email and we will be able to help you find it.

What happen if the person I am sending the gift is not home or I am not home?

We can always try leaving it in a safe place or with a neighbor if requested for you, however, you need to open the tracking link and provide us with Authority to leave it and comment where or with who will be best to leave your order (NOTE: During hot days the products could melt)

Why are you sending a text to the recipient if its meant to be a surprise?

Do not worry… be happy! As mentioned before we dont tell them 1 thing of what is getting delivered to them, we just warn them that something is coming their way. This is the best to do as with past experience we had to do lots of redeliveries and this is not good for either your wallet or our drivers! So this way we can all be sure someone will be home to accept the delivery.